Thursday, June 7, 2018


I seriously cannot begin to tell you how excited we are about Trevor finishing school!
This has been a long road for us, 
mostly due to many of our own mistakes and not great choices.
And really, balancing working full-time, full-time school, 
kids, new babies, new homes, shoulder surgery, losing babies,
and all the other chaos that the last 8 years of our marriage
have brought to our lives. 
It really has been adventurous for us!

I'm so excited for him! 
He's so excited and relieved! 
We both have some projects and new goals that we would like to
accomplish now that we have a little (A LOT) more free time. 
Or at least a lot more guilt-free free time. 

But really, I'm so beyond proud of you Trevor! 
This has not been an easy road and it really has been a team effort!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Piper's Last Day of Kindergarten

We did it! 
We made it through Kindergarten! 
And she did so awesome and learned so many things! 

I love my little Piper!
She's an awesome little reader and I love reading books with her. 
She also enjoys math, science, and telling me all the silly things 
her friends do! 

We are really going to miss Kindergarten! 
It's been such a fun year!
And I'm really going to miss those few hours of quiet time!
Hayley typically napped the entire 2 1/2 -ish hours Piper was at school.
It was magical! haha

I'm so proud of you, Piper! 
I'm looking forward to lots of fun and more learning this summer!

Happy last day of Kindergarten!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

May 2018 - Its been a good one!

We've really enjoyed the last few weeks!

Piper gave her first animal report at school!

And Hayley had to get in on some of the action! :)

Piper and I had some much needed alone time and got some delicious ice
cream from the BYU creamery! 

We are heading into our very last few days at school.
I'm looking forward to a fun, busy summer!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Mother's Day 2018

I had such a wonderful Mother's Day with my sweet family. 
We had a nice morning before church with waffles and homemade
strawberry syrup. Yum! 

Then it was off to church where I taught the Beehives
with some help from Hayley. 
She fell off a table or something in nursery and wanted to hang with me. 
I was happy to have a buddy! 

After church, I enjoyed a wonderful nap!
Thanks, Trevor! 

We had a quick dinner and headed up to Bridal Veil Falls
in Provo Canyon. 

It looks like we had the place to ourselves, but it was still crowded
even though it was chilly!

It was so fun to just be outside together! 
We need to make more of an effort to do that. 

This guy up here is in his last 2 classes of his undergrad degree! 
We are so close we can almost taste it!
He has to finish these two classes before the end of month, 
so we are in crunch time and are feeling all that extra stress, 
so getting out of the house and enjoying some play time was 
really needed and a wonderful change of scenery!

I'm so lucky to have such a great little family! 
There are days and times that are really hard, 
but I adore them and love being their mom! 

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Mother's Day!
I had zero expectations, mostly because we are so busy with school, 
but it was just wonderful and relaxing and just what I needed! 

Happy, happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Weekend Fun!

We really enjoyed a fun weekend!
We had 4 weddings, but only ended up making it to 2. 
Had to limit some of the chaos, 
but we are sad that we didn't get to see everyone.

I've been super dizzy the last few days, 
I'm not sure why.... 
So that's part of the reason why we cut our plans down a little. 
But we enjoyed some family time Saturday and Sunday. 

We are heading into the last few weeks of school. 
I kinda can't believe Piper is almost done with Kindergarten. 
She's growing up WAY too fast and
sometimes I can't handle it. 

Summer is making me a little nervous, 
like I've said before. 
But I think its going to be fun, too!
And we are all so excited for all the pools and splash pads to open!