Tuesday, February 13, 2018

More February Fun

Piper had her 100th day of Kindergarten, 
so we (I) cut out 100 paper hearts for her to take to school. 
Remind me not to do that next year. I'll just send her with 100 buttons 
or something easier. haha

A little family date to the mall and Costa Vida!

My cute Sunday girls! 
I can't believe how big they are both getting! 

And we had a little photo shoot outside today!
Piper is a goof and I love hanging out with her!

We are looking forward to Valentine's Day tomorrow and some other fun 
things this week!
I hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, February 5, 2018

Jan 28-Feb 4

The girls and I had quite the week! 
We went to the zoo with some of my friends from my Color Me Mine working days.
It was so fun to reconnect with those girls and meet their cute babies!
Hayley was a stinker and cried most of the time, but we still had so much fun!

We also jumped on every trampoline over at HangTime. 
The girls and I both loved that place! 
We will need to go again sometime soon. 

Most of the chaos happened on Thursday. 
They destroyed everything! 
It was such a disaster and it was so exhausting. 
But we recovered and are having fun like usual!

We enjoyed a nice Stake Conference on Sunday morning. 
The girls were super good! 
I'm loving watching these girls grow up!

We also enjoyed watching The Eagles win the Superbowl! 
It was fun! 

We are looking forward to another fun week!

In other news, I have decided to take a break from violin teaching.
I'm closing my studio for a little while. 
I want to spend my afternoons with my kids
and have some extra freedom with my schedule.
My little girls are growing up fast and I don't want to miss it. 

But I hope you all are having a fun week! 
Happy February!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Ice Skating

We went ice skating over the weekend and had so much fun! 
Piper has been asking to go for forever, and we were finally able to make it happen. 
I was a little nervous about Hayley, she's been so grouchy lately. 
But she absolutely LOVED it!

Trevor played Hockey when he was younger, so he's really comfortable on the ice. 
He was taking Hayley all over the rink really fast and she just giggled and giggled!

Piper caught on really quickly and loved it!
She fell a bunch, too. But it didn't seem to phase her much. 

We had a lot of fun being all together. 
We are making more of an effort to get out and play together
since Dad is gone so much during the week. 
It's been fun! 

Thursday, January 25, 2018

My Piper

My little Piper is getting so grown up! 
And she's SO silly and is always making me laugh! 
I sure do love her!
We've been having some special time together while Hayley has been playing
with my mom. 
We've played more games than I can count and have had lots of fun giggling

She's a great little girl, even if she still has some trouble with listening. 
We are both learning and growing together! 
This whole parenting thing sure is an adventure!

Monday, January 22, 2018

January 2018

Well, the sickness hit the Lewis house over the last 2 weeks. 
Its been rough, but I think we are almost out of it and headed back to normal. 
Trevor is getting over pneumonia and is finally back at work after a week away. 
And Piper is back in school, Hooray! 

We hope everyone else can stay healthy and that this is the end of the sicknesses for us! 
I'm pretty exhausted and ready for real life. 

Stay warm and healthy out there!