Thursday, September 7, 2017

Music Studio

Hi everyone! 
So, I decided to push some more YouTube things. haha
So I started a new YouTube channel 
Rebecca Lewis Music Studio. 
I'll be posting videos regularly, so check it out if you're interested :) 

I love love LOVE teaching violin. 
But, I can't keep up this pace forever, so I'm trying to 
find another way to still pursue what I love in a way 
that maybe doesn't take up as much of my time. 
Go check it out!

I've got some more things to learn about video editing and stuff,
so it will be cooler and all that later :) 
I also need a better light. haha 
But I'm working on it!

Monday, September 4, 2017

New Project

I took on my own first woodworking project!
I made this little box, and stained it myself. 
I painted some jars I had around, and added some fake flowers.

I think it adds a little something extra to our kitchen!
The jars are the same colors as the chairs and it is pretty!

I'm liking learning some new things and being creative!

Weekend Fun!

We have had a really fun few weeks! 
We took the girls to see Cars 3! 
It was so fun and both of them were SO good!
Except for Piper spilling the entire tub of popcorn the minute we set down. 

Madeleine came down for Sunday dinner!
We had a blast after dinner playing some tennis!
Its been ages since I've played, so it was really fun.
Piper enjoyed it and Hayley was wild! haha

Hayley kicks us out of our bed almost every morning. 
Little stinker. 

Trevor and I got to go to the first BYU football game of the season. 

We had a blast! 
It was crazy hot and I'm pretty sure I got some heat exhaustion.
I felt crummy for a few days after. 
But we had so much fun! 
We've never been to a game together, 
and we enjoyed the date! 

Piper to school!

This last week has been so fun!
Piper has really loved school and its been nice to get back into a routine!

My sweet mom came down and walked with us one of the days!
Hayley sure loved having her with us!

Piper is the cutest ever! 
I'm loving this stage and love watching her grow
and learn! 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


And she's off to Kindergarten! 
I can't believe it!

We are so excited for this new stage of life! 
Piper loves school and is so excited to make some new friends. 

And I'm super excited too!
We timed Kindergarten around Hayley's nap, 
which is perfect for me! 
I'll get some alone time to get some work done and maybe even my own nap :) 

HIP HIP HOORAY for Kindergarten! 
I can't wait to hear all about her first day!