Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Life Lately

Well life around here has been really nuts lately. 
I don't think I even have a decent picture to share. 
Nothing really new has happened, so nothing new to report...

I think I've hit a new level of burned out. 
I've been running constantly since July. 
I've taken every violin student possible
(and I LOVE them all! So much!!!) 
I've taken every little job I could think of. 
Its been insane. 
Fun, wild, busy, but insane. 

I decided to find a way to trim something. 
Trevor and I talked for a long time, 
and we decided I needed to stop teaching music time at Piper's preschool.
I have really, really loved it, 
but it has been tricky to fit in our schedule.
I'm really going to miss those kids.
They have been so fun!

The past few months have been intense to say the least. 
We owe our family so much.
We've had so much help and we've both worked SO hard. 
I know all our hard work is going to pay off for our family. 
It has to. 

So, forgive me if I'm a little more absent from my blog. 
I'm exhausted and am just trying to finish strong.
This has been tough for all of us to do.
Having a very small income and lots of stress has been hard on all of us. 

Trevor is looking for a job and I'm sure something wonderful will come our way soon.
He's working hard on school and lots of things. 
And I'm working hard and the girls are being awesome. 

And that's it. 
I'll be back around here soon I'm sure. 
But I'm on instagram @brebeccalewis 
so you can find me there. 

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