Thursday, April 20, 2017

Job Update

Trevor ended up resigning from that job. 
only 2 days in.
Without going into all the details, 
it wasn't a good fit and turned out to be nothing like
he thought it would be. 
Bit of a bummer,
but we have faith that something will work out for us
and it will be amazing!

I was also offered a job. 
A photography job.
It would've been so fun,
but I turned it down as well.
I really love teaching violin and 
I can't do both violin and the big photography job 
at the same time, and still be the kind of mom
that I want to be. 

Its been a really, really long few weeks. 
Wonderful, challenging, busy few weeks. 

It feels like we are at a cross-roads and I can't wait 
to see where the next few months take us. 

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