Sunday, April 16, 2017

Piper Lately

Our sweet Piper has had a rough go of it lately. 
But she sure is still sweet and as energetic as ever.

Last weekend she fell off one of our bar stools and hit her chin.
It split open and she ended up getting stitches. 
18 stitches to be exact. 
She had to be sedated. Poor baby. 
She was tough though! 

But she was SUCH a doll when she was waking back up. 
She kept saying the silliest things like
"Is this a dream?"
"Am I still 4 and a half?"
"Why do you have 6 eyes?"
and my personal favorite, 
"Did I just come out of your tummy?"

Ha ha! I"m so glad she's doing better.
She's a little sore, but brave and awesome!
She will get the stitches out later in the week.

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