Monday, June 19, 2017

Father's Day - 2017 (and more)

We had such a fun day celebrating our guy! 
We are all really blessed to have him in our family! 
He makes everything more fun and the girls just ADORE him!

And in other GREAT news,
Trevor got a job!!! 
Its not the dream job or anything, but its going to be great! 
He is working for Myler Disability and started this morning. 
I'm so excited for him and so ready to move on to a new chapter. 
But a little nervous to be home alone with my buddies again. 
I got used to running errands alone. haha

We were able to go to the Orem Summerfest Carnival a few weeks ago. 
Soooo many pictures, but this was the only cute one: 

She's such a doll! 

That's about it from us. 
We are really excited about Trevor's new job and going to be settling into 
a new normal. 

Happy Monday!

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