Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday Hike: Rock Canyon

This week we headed up Rock Canyon on our Friday hike. 
I think a Friday hike is going to be our new summer tradition.
Its perfect! 
Its the only morning I'm not teaching, 
so it really works out!

We borrowed this baby hiking pack from our buddies.
I wanted to see if Hayley enjoyed it or not.
She was a fan, but she also walked a bunch too!

They are such cuties!
And this was so fun!

So we are looking for some fun kid-friendly hikes. 
We will probably do Stewart Falls and the other popular ones, 
but I still don't know of a lot of good hikes, 
so let me know what are your favorites! 

And if you ever want to join, 
we would LOVE it! 
Just shoot me a text and we will get it all set up!
We are interested in going to SLC too. 

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