Saturday, July 22, 2017

Hayley: 2 years old

Our baby is 2! 
How did that even happen!
She's so fun and full of personality!

She loves dogs and birds so much. 
She is super into cars too!
She knows her colors pretty well, 
and is learning so much every day. 
She says lots of words and I love listening to her cute little voice. 
It really feels like she loves everyone and everything. 
She is so full of joy and love! 

Here's a little interview for her second birthday! 
I am sure I'm going to love watching this for many years!
I love her little voice and face covered in peanut butter.

I really do wish everyone could get to know her. 
She is so enthusiastic and full of joy. 

Happy Birthday baby girl!
I love you SO much! 
Its happened too fast, but I can't wait to keep 
watching you learn and grow. 
Keep loving everything!

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