Sunday, July 30, 2017

life lately: july 2017

July is birthday month!
Both our girls had birthdays and it was SO fun! 

Hayley likes to make herself comfortable. haha
Shoes off, laying down and coloring on the floor. 
She's the best!

Our cousins were all in town for a family reunion (more on that later.) 
and we had Gus and Stella over to play.
It was so fun!
We also had a little girls night while the boys were out camping. 
Piper loved hanging with her big cousins and I enjoyed some grown-up time. haha

We attempted another Friday hike. 
We didn't make it as far this time which was a bummer. 
Piper stepped on a little garden snake about 5 minutes up the trail. 
Poor girl! And poor snake!

Trevor made me this gorgeous flower box! 
I am obsessed and want a bunch more!

Workout time! 
This month, I started working with my cousin to help with my
nutrition and weight loss. 
I've been counting macros and working out 4 days a week. 
I'm already noticing changes in my body, and its been really motivating to 
have someone holding me accountable. 

We had a fun month and are looking forward to a fun August!
I've got lots going on with violin, and Piper starts Kindergarten in a few weeks
so I'm sure we will be busy. 

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